Ezra Romanov
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Ezra Romanov
Your story told beautifully with music
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Ezra Romanov


Ezra grew up in Novosibirsk, Russia, born on February 08, 1991. Ezra was a singer who made an impact on people from just his childhood story. He started writing lyrics at age 10, which eventually started leaning toward telling his story. Ezra wrote songs based off of the tragedy of human trafficking and the way if affected people in general. Ezra moved to the United States in December of 2007. Ezra was the second of five children born and has laid to rest further communication with his family.


                         Vocals / Ezra Romanov                           Supporting Vocals & Vocal Arrangement / Amber Durette
  Guitar(s) /  Alex Matthew and Jamie Ransley
Drums / Frank Camilletti
            Executive Producer & A&R Directions / Roy Hamilton III                     Keys, Synth, Orchestration Arrangement  / Rich Roxborough                         Producers / Ezra Romanov & Frank Camilletti                Mix Engineer / Chris Crerar




    Ezra R.       Amber D.      Frank C.       Alex M.       Jamie R.       Roy H.         Rich R.      Chris C.