Simplicity is the final achievement.
— Frédéric Chopin

Early Life:

Born on February 08, 1991. Ezra was a singer who made an impact on people from just his childhood story. He started writing lyrics at age 10, which eventually started leaning toward telling his story. Ezra wrote songs based off of the tragedy of human trafficking and the way if affected people in general. Ezra moved to the United States in December of 2007. Ezra will take anyone to a new level of songwriting and fill you with emotions felt from the past years of his own experience.


In mid 2016 Ezra released his new Album "Innocent Rain" which is expected to be one of his best and most unique sounds yet! Ezra spent six weeks writing and practicing his songs before recording it for the final cut.

While filming a video for his track "Affirmation" (Produced with multi-platinum award-wining producer Roy Hamilton III) in New Jersey "I don't think anyone who's not been here can relate to what I have been through," he said, "I've seen many stuff recently and how rarely people survive it, but you just think: why would you want it to happen after seeing so many scars and reading the lyrics? You have to wonder what happened. But that is left up to your imagination" Ezra is expected to do more shows in NYC soon and will have a lot more songs to come.